Why MARKETING is Just SELLING in Advance


Guest Teacher: David Wachs @DavidBWachs 

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Welcome to the ten minute MBA. I'm your host, Scott D clary. On the ten minute Mba I give you tools, tactic, strategies insights that you can use to start, scale, grow or x Your Business. Today your guest lecture is David Wax. David is the CEON founder of handwritten. He is a serial entrepreneur after exiting sell it and he's going to walk through what the best sale strategy is. I actually asked him what the best outbound strategy is, but this was his answer. You're not going to like the answer. For us, the answer is not outbound, it's inbound, and inbound marketing and I define it's not my definition. I learned it from Joe Paulish, who learned it from somebody else. But marketing is just really selling in advance and we don't know who our customers are going to be. We didn't know our biggest customer was going to be a solar panel installer. But...

...what we know how to do is to create an inbound funnel to attract people and then send set them up in a drip campaign. So and that drift consists of email and it consists of handwritten notes and it consists of phone calls and it consists of Buen Juro and all these different ways to get in touch with people. So what we do is we have a very strong content mark getting strategy for Seo. We certainly do add words, we do facebook marketing, but really what we try to do is we try to get people to our website and then for them to get free samples. Free samples is our LUR. So always have something of value, you know, whether that's a white paper, don't just have a contact form. If you have a contact form, you know good luck. Somebody may or may not use that. But create something of value, to create, you know it to create a lead capture. It has to be I don't think booking a demo is even, you know, that great a something. So our item of value is...

...the sample kit because it's physical, it's in the mail, has a bunch of stuff in it. People find that useful and they want to see it. So we drive everybody to the sample form. Once you fill out the sample form, then it's a whole Zappier flow of the shandwritten notes go out, all powered by Zappier. You're assigned in our pipe drive crm system. We've created custom code that round robins and assigns those individual sales reps. it puts out a team's notification saying you know, so we've created this whole flow to really track that lead from start to finish. I think that for us, has really been a game changer, just creating this inbound marketing lead machine really based off samples requests. Where we could get better is probably like like audiences, like I think that's what it's called on facebook. Yeah, like really targeting or look alike. Yeah, look like audiences. That's an area...

...we could get better. We could probably get better at linkedin marketing, but that's too expensive for us. We could certainly get better by having that's crazy expensive. We could get better at having like webinars and stuff like that. That would be an area of growth, kind of like what Bunerro's doing. We kind of want to create like like handwritten con or communication. Yeah, and something like that. Yeah, well, you're going to be that category Creator for this. Yeah, right, whatever this is. Yeah, yeah, and written note con I don't know, but but really have kind of a community around it that's about handwritten notes and alternative ways to reach out. Like bunger O and you know whatever else to kind of round out, round out what you're doing. All right, that's another ten minute MBA. Hope you got some value from David on how to create an incredible inbound process. Remember any business questions you have. Don't worry, I got you. This has been another ten minute MBA. Have a great night. I will see...

...you tomorrow and.

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