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The 10 Minute MBA, is a no-fluff daily podcast that teaches you practical business lessons you can use to grow your business immediately.

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Welcome to the first ever episode andtrailer of the ten minute M B, a I'm your host Scott de Clary, I'm a career,long sales and marketing executive. I've worked with hundreds ofentrepreneurs, and my goal with this show is to provide a no fluff dailypodcast that teaches you practical business lessons you can use to growyour business immediately. This podcast is for entrepreneurs, side, hustlers,CEOS founders, entrepreneurs, anybody building anything. We will talk aboutsales, marketing, hiring growth, scaling operations, anything that youneed to know so that you don't have to struggle, go through the trials andtribulations to help grow your business, real business. Lessons actionabletakeaways, learn from people who have been in the trenches and done it beforethis is the ten minute M B, a.

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