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Welcome to the ten minute MBA. I'm your host, Scott Dclary. On the ten minute Mba I give you tools, tactics, strategies, techniques that you can use to start, scale, grow or x Your Business. Today you're going to hear from Jack Butcher, the founder of visualized value, who built over a one million dollar recurring revenue product in just one and a half years. He's going to speak about the value of showing your work to land clients and to build community. One of the advantages I have as a designer and one of the things that's been like extremely instrumental in the like the development of my career is showing my work. So it's like nobody's ever cared about my degree, nobody's ever care about where I went to school. Every interview...

I've gone to, every like job I've even every project I've gotten to work on internally an agency has been because of the thing I did last so and you have a very tangible set of assets to point to as a design inn because you you produce a portfolio of work. This is a project I worked on, this is a brand I designed, this is a website I built, and I think that was almost a subconscious advantage for such a long time because I'd always had that mentality. Right, it's like it doesn't it doesn't matter what you tell me, show me what you did, and that's how, that's how I managed to move jobs and get a job in the first place by showing my portfolio. So I think that's a that's a skill. That other not even a skill, it's a a practice. I should say that other that other industries and other disciplines are coming around to now. So...

...if you're you know, if you're academia, does this, like they published what they're thinking about. Right, they're always producing. There is always an output of okay, this is the research that we've done, this is how we're going to present it, this is, you know, our thesis and I think convincing people that whatever it is you're thinking about, you have an opportunity to like produce deliverables that convey that right, and that, to me, is it's like a fundamental shift in thinking. That seems completely obvious to me as a designer. But when I introduce that concepts, other people are like, Oh, yeah, that's a great idea, I'm going to start doing that. And the idea that you think you're going to get discovered or people will, you know, actively seek out your thinking. Without doing that is I mean it's insane when you look at it that way, but it's...

...others. But that's what everybody does towards what everybody does. Right. Great, hume that someone's just going to come and like pluck you out and be like Oh, can you, yeah, can you sell me on your services? And you know the way, the the Internet, is just monstrous force in that equation. Right, every there's an evold quote the the Internet. The Internet democratizes consumption but consolidates production. So if you're the best in the world at anything, you get to do it for everyone, and that's like a really huge overlooked force in society. I think that just because you've had this experience offline or because you have this anecdote of a friend of yours that got, you know, that new somebody and got this job here, proof of work is now like the currency that is gonna move your career forward, I think in almost every field, and people who can produce visual assets or...

...tangible assets or record podcasts or make videos are just that much more likely to generate lock, you know, create relationships at scale because, you know, it's just sheer surface area and that is a just a the one thing, I think that it's huguely underestimated and it takes a long time to build it and get good at it and all of those things. But yeah, that, but that's what differentiates. That's not having that asset right, is with differentiate. All right. Well, that's it for today. I hope you found value in that. As always, any business question you have, don't worry, I got you. This has been another ten minute MBA. Have a great night. I'll see you tomorrow.

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