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Guest Teacher: Alessandro Bogliari @alexeidos 

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Welcome to the ten minute MBA. I'm your host, Scott declary. On Ten and MBA I give you tools, tactic, strategies, insights that you can use to start, scale, grow or x Your Business. Today your guest teacher is Alessandro Bogliari. He is the founder of the influencer marketing factory, one of the top influencer marketing factories in the world. He's going to teach you how to effectively use tick tock for your brand. Yeah, definitely. No, I mean like in general. I mean, of course, like I can. I mean they're like different type of case studies that I can talk about. Maybe. Let me start, like you know, with some that is an easy one. Data is maybe be Toc just to get there and then we can go and, like in the in the old scene, to be to be when it comes to be two beats. For me, of course, to be more like difficult to talk about that, because that's more like, you know, thinks to bolts in terms of like n...

...years and realize, but then then they be to see, as you can easily understand. But let me start, like with, for example, one maybe that is more in the in the BTC. You know, we also represent talents on tick talk. So we also have like a roster of people that work with US and under our agency. And one perfect example it is that im we have this talent called cringe Carter on Tick Tock. He was a still is, but I like it was already like a big fun of dunking back in the days. He has done like so many free videos about dunking. It was going to dunk in every single morning, getting a coffee, talking about is big, like you know, it was. It was like a so, so much, a big fun, you know, like it was just looking like it. It is my daily life. I want to share that with you. And all the time there was like a dunking cap or some product, you know, usually coffee, like in his end. Okay, so don't you reach out, you know, and say, like we want to do something? And this was at the beginning when Charlie...

Damelio was going out with the first Charlie drinking, and so we output dunking in that way, for example, with our talent, to go out there and said it. There was this new product. What people loved it is that we were combining together. They love the generally love, authentic love of one of our talent for a certain brand and then when he went out with, like you know, this promotion and Dunking, even sent him like custom and taylored merchandising with his name on their audience, like his audience love that because it was like, Oh, you're not just like selling out, like you're, you know, you're your your account, you're actually getting paid for or like from a brand that you always sponsored, even without, like you know, being paid in the past. So I think that now we are going in the direction where audiences love to see in these cool branding activities. We are going from a mirror promotional accountent of like a by these to actually... creating, Co branding things. especially, imagine in the makeup and bemauty industry. They are like a lot of influencers that are created their own merchandise in their own line of make up, because these what people want to see. They want to see that there is a face that they can trust behind that and not just anymore a big corporation. So this, like you know, one example, but we have done that for so many, like you know. The different, like you know, industry, is I'm talking about music industry. We've been like, you know, back in the days again, we started to working with sunny music, universal or a music group whenever they had like a new launch of a song or artist. We helped that because you know, you can use that soundtrack on tick talk for a new trend or astract challenger and people just to jump in on that are going to do use that song. And so you start them. You know, you maybe you pay five people, but at the end of the campaign you're going to have hundreds of thousands of videos created on that song and a percentage of that are gonna look on spotify or apple music for that song. And this... why you see nowadays so many songs that goes from Tick Tock to the billboard and even a radio, because it's there. Like imagine, there like one million of people make content on that soundtrack. A percentage of that is going to get interested in that, I'm going to listen to that, and even the artists get famous, and we have like an olive a Drigo is, I think, the biggest example of that. Hour you can start on ticktock and become like a big, a big like a sensation. So that is more about like again, more be to see, but, for example, they be to be we also have like interesting cases about like anything that goes from banking to insurances. In that case, while we're done with some of these clients, say it is that we went in a way there. We know that some of those contents are sometimes a bit boring, right, so you don't want to watch maybe thirty minutes video or go through pdf of like twenty pages. But what if your favorite tick talker can tell you in...

...thirty second the benefits of something like that about, for example, Your Bank? Why should switch to this bank that is more for young people that are maybe the one to spend the amount of money in fees? What if I can tell you that there is new service that count you on that, or like something that we saw a lot, it's insurances, like insurances, especially for young people. This year in the states more people save the money and more people understood that you not only have to save money, but they have to be attention to many things, and one of that is insurance. Insurance is such a mess, even from you, like from Europe, and when I moved here, it was like what is these like? I don't know what to do, and I realize that many Americans lie like burner lived in here. They don't. They don't know. How does it work? So imagine if I tick talker can explain you in a few seconds at least the basics on how to find insurance. So in an informative video of me thirty two, you can give away five Golden Nuggets, okay, of information, and one of those it maybe it is a promotion to the new insurance platform...

...or whatever. So it's always a combination of like being informative, be useful, but also being entertaining right for the audience. So again you can really have the messenger a different way and still drive traffic to a certain website, even in the Bab space. What's the opportunity for brands with the short form videos? Do you see? Do you see all potential brands, be the BBC, eventually having to find a way to reach the consumer on on platforms like that talk? So I'd say that the majority. Yes, they can. There is a misconception sometimes said olive to see you know, clients can go there or there only you know, fresh companies and you know like more like design for young people can be there. We actually work also for companies like in the banking industry, in the insurance industry, three in sometimes like Farma Industry. So again, if you are crafted the message in the right...

...way, you can still do native content. But I say all the time, it is that, not because everyone now wants to go on tick talk. You should like this. I said that even like against our own interest. But if it is that, do not like to rush to something just because everyone is there. You still want to have your tone of voice, you still want to have your brand values. You don't want to just make fun of yourself just because you want to go on tick talk and maybe play like the silly brand. Okay, you can go on tick talk even without having to, you know, to dance. Like. Finally, people are understanding is not just like for dances, like it's a place where you can actually learn things. You can learn about marketing, you can learn about medicine. Especially during covid there were a lot of professionals that were saying like what to do, want not to do and why certain lapartuses were spreading and so on. So like. Now it's really hob where you can learn things, we can have fun ands on. So even if you're like you know someone in personal finance, you can, you can give away like, you know,... different tips there if you are in the banking as well, if you are a coach, like, everyone really can find their niche. Actually, the good thing of tick tock is the algorithm, like, if you are consistent in an issue, you're gonna like your content is going to be served to the same people that lacked your content or similar content. So actually everyone that is a certain niche can actually get a lot of more niche audience because of how the Algorithm works, comping maybe to other social media. So in a naturally, yes, I think that a majority of brands, even be too be, can be there. You just have to understand that one. You have to do and think in a tick tock native way. So do not just they're going to record something for integram then you're going to post it on tick tock or take up a short cut of a youtube video and put it on tick tack in my work at once in a while. But other than that, people want to see something that is designed for tick tock and to understand before posting anything, what the community wants to see. Read their comments, understand be more what is trending that week. You know.

So do some more research because again, people on Tick Tock are expecting certain type of content and you want to give them you know what they like. All right, that's it for today. I hope you got's a Mensaye from Alessandro on how to properly take your brand to social how to use tap talk. It's not easy, but he's been doing it for brands effectively globally, so learn from the best. Remember any business question they have. Don't worry, I got you. This has been another ten minute and bea have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow. I.

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