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Guest Teacher: Samantha Kelly @tweetinggoddess 

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Welcome to the ten minute MBA. I'm your host, Scott Dclari. On the ten minute Mba I teach you tools, tactic, strategies insight so you can use to start, scale, grow or x Your Business. Today our guest lecturer is Samantha Kelly. She is the tweeting goddess. She has built an enormous social media brand for herself and now she helps companies do the same. She's going to teach you how to deal with complaints on social media, trolls on social media, and why not? Building out a strong social media presence is possibly the worst thing you can do for your business. When businesses put themselves out there and they start to build a profile, they're probably concerned with falling outside of the box or doing things that are a little bit differently. Like when I look at the average business account again, it's just it's very boring. But then I look at something like, I'm just using one...

...reference point, like a morning brew, which is all you know, it's a news it's a news outlet that's very off the off the wall when it comes to their twitter account and that's actually probably how they've built a lot of their following. But brands are always concerned about if I put myself out there, I'm going to get some negativity and go to get some, like you said, some, you know, some trolls or what not. So how do you deal with with that? Is that just in your own head you have to get over it, or their actual strategies that you have to deal with? When you start to get some, you know, colorful comments, call them on. So well, you won't really start getting those two you go over like five thousand followers. Are So right, and if you do, just block them. Okay. If you get a customer complaint, that's a different story. Okay. So let's say you get a complaint. I had a coffee shop. I was running their twitter account and this lady said, Oh, I was in there yesterday in the waitress was wagon and you know, I she didn't my coffee was cold or whatever. She said right, so I said right, okay, hi. So the first thing you do is I you engage. You engage as a really sat we're really sorry... hear that you had this experience. Could we please DM YOU and get more details and investigate? So you take it offline. So even if she doesn't go to DM you've shown the public that you're dealing with the issue. So you've shown the public that you've tried to deal with the issue, which which looks good right. And then if they do got offline, what you do is you follow up. So you say right, give us your number, give us your email or whatever, and then you get the person in charge, the decision maker, to contact that person and find out what happened. What we did was we found out what happened. We sent the lady a gift Feucher to come back in and have lunch. She came in and had lunch and guess what she did? A lovely tweet saying thank you so much for the gorgeous lunch. She became a brand advocate because we helped her and we dealt with the issue. So that's the only thing about like. People hear about these big stories, big mistakes. Get the right person running your twitter account or get them trained properly, and that will never ever happen.

So it's having social media strategy, having a policy as well, like so that if such and such happens, this is what we do. You know, have it all in place so that they know what to do. But the worst twitter accounts I've seen have been bigger companies that think they know their audience but they actually don't and they just don't engage. They don't say thank you, just simple things like if someone like I mentioned a brand a few times because I liked that brand and I used to mention the brand because I'd be sitting there with my cup of tea and and I'd mentioned the brand, and they never even thanked me for mentioning them, which was a huge missed opportunity because if they had retweeted me or if they had engaged with me, I would have actually retweeted that to make them look good, you know, because I'd be impressed by that. So any I also always give Kudos when I get great customer serves and I never complain, I never get involved in controversy, I stay away from all of that and I just keep it positive, add value, share my knowledge and help other years, and I... others by retweeting them. It's not about me. My audience would like to see other people as well, you know, and usually my audience want to support businesses. So I did actually have a great story from last week and this lady rang me. She's a member of my women's inspire network and she had ordered a five hundred lots and lots and lots of this vegan chocolate covered peanuts, right because she does Vegan chocolate, and she rang me. She was quite upset. She said, I don't know what to do. That customer has canceled the order and I've got it already ordered. I don't know what to do. How do I get rid of this much chocolate? My said wait, but don't panic. I said, let's do a tweet. So we did a tweet and the tweet said, hang on, I'll find it now for you while I'm talking to you. The tweet said I have this amount of chocolate. Can you if anyone is interested, or whatever it was. We told the story basically in the tweet and I helped her compose the tweet and, oh my gosh, it went viral because people said, Oh my God, let's help this small business that and they all bought...

...chocolate, everybody. She got one hundred orders, she got two three new stockists. You know, she just was inundated with help from twitter. And One guy just bought a box of them and she got she got the chocolate all. She didn't lose any money. Isn't that just lovely, lovely story, and that's the kind of thing I do. So we just did we just did a tweet and I supported or I said, come on, guys, let's support the small business. So we got behind her and everybody went and bought chocolate covered vecon chocolate covered peetos. So it's just a nice little story. But for everybody prayer box it already costs like ten euros, you know. So you know, to every little bits. It's easy when you get, when you get a crowd involved, to like the crowds ors, you know, the crowds ares the brand, especially the small visits, to make a huge different. Yeah, but you know one thing that I think always happens, and I don't really know why still in two thousand and twenty one, is that brands don't place value on the person or the the person...

...who runs through social media. I feel like it's I don't know why. That is like an extract priority. Yeah, it's in. It's like, Oh, you know, you're marketing and then tweet once in a while. Yah Know, really, so post on instagram. R. Yeah, should be someone who is assigned this role and a plan and a strategy or if you don't want to, then outsource. It's someone like me or someone else who does that, like you know, I don't understand that they don't make it a priority. That's so important, because I remember seeing them. I remember I put a tweet up saying okay, ladies, best tinted moisturizer, like it was just like for fun, and I put it up and I got all these responses about the best as tinted moisturizer, which, by the way, for the guys listening, it's like makeup, light makeup right for the summer. And so I got so many response and I was like where all the brands? Not One brand hopped into that conversation said Hey, smam Samantha, we have a tinted moisturizer. It's really good. Here, there's there's by now click to buy. Not One branded that and that was such...

...a missed opportunity because the treeat went crazy. We had about two hundred responses, so that was two hundred potential sales, you know, and two hundred responses on twitter is like thousands of impressions. Yeah, like thousands of people saw that. Yeah, for sure, for sure, whereas of him, Brandon Topten, and said, you know, Oh, hi, so I'm actually we have a but look, we'd love to send you when to try and if anyone else wants to try, here's a discount code. You know. Yeah, that's what I would do. So that's been another ten minute MBA. I hope you learned a little bit about twitter and social media and customers success from Samantha Kelly. As always, any business problem, question issue you have, don't worry, I got you. This has been another ten minute MBA. Have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow.

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