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Guest Teacher: Hrabren Bankov @marketingharry 

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Welcome to the ten minute MBA. I'm your host, Scott D clary. On the ten minute Mba I give you tools, tactic, strategies, insights that you can use to start, scale, grow or en ex your business. Today our guest lecturer is marketing Harry. Marketing Harry is the CEO of brave social media. He also goes by the name Ra Brand Bank off, but if you want to find some of his work, you're going to go to Instagram, you're going to go to marketing Harry. He grew his instagram from zero to a hundred and twenty five thousand followers in just one year. And he's not just great at instagram. He now teaches marketers how to build social audiences, how to convert social audiences into customers, and today he's going to speak about how to optimize your social profile so that you get the most bang for your buck in terms of potential new audience members or followers actually converting and caring about your message. Let's jump it into it. This is marketing Harry, Ram Brand Bank of. I'll teaching your competures. It's actually one...

...psychological factor. Just refresh. If it's the Ritz Pros Che fucked. So the more you give, the more your well received. I squatch your back, you squatch my back. So by all teaching your competure and giving the most value in the marketplace. And again, value is subjective, based on your own Jus, but by giving the most value in your marketplace, you're building the most positive feelings towards your brand as well, and this is the rich prosity principle. Right now, I'm giving so much value. The second I, for example, want to promote something like my news letter, Free Ebook, my website, my youtube videos, this podcast, people are going to be jumping on it because they already have in mind what kind of some kind of expectations that I've built through rich prosit you with them. So this is just one of the many principles in psychology that I am utilizing daily.

There are also different biases. For example, what's a version bias, which you can take advantage of by placing, let's say, highlights in your instagram profile and optimizing those highlights for watch time, because when someone checks your profile, they check your bioday, check your content, but they also check your highlights, and the more you time you make people spent on your profile the less likely they are to leave you without phone you, because they already they say them the selves. Okay, I spend five minutes origin this profile, it must be goods. I don't want to waste those five minutes, so I'm going to follow him. So this is another example. I am also utilizing in my visual identity a auto feleaments, which are capturrinking attensions, stopping the scroll of the users, which are all connected to human psychology on my favorite field in psychology's actually evolutionary psychology. So for anyone interested induct I definitely recommend the book quote seeking wisdom from Darwin to monger, so from Charles Darwin... Charlie's longer by the monger. Yeah, yeah, Char smonger. Yeah, that's very interesting and I think that you sort of dissected all the component. Now there's a lot. For somebody listening who has never really gone into any sort of meaning or really given any thoughts to a meaningful instagram strategy is like, oh my goodness, like the highlights, the the copy, the call to action, profile picture, the vision and the brand in the color and the psychology and the and the education and all my post like that. That's a lot for somebody. So obviously you know. Yeah, well, besides hiring an agency like yours with that, that's a little plug. But what would be? What would be the things that somebody could do today? If you look at a very average bed be or business instagram profile, they could immediately point them in the right direction. Yeah, so every everything on...

Instagram, brote comes down to two main elements, traffic and conversions, just like any website. So you drive traffic to your profile. That's called profile visits, and you can quickly see your the amount of profit visits you get in your insight right now, at one Hundredzeroos, I get anywhere between fifteenzero profile visits to Twentyzero profile visits per week. And then conversions, meaning what amount of these profile visits, which aren't following you yet, turn into followers. And the first thing you need to do is identify if you have a traffic problem, meaning you don't get enough profile visits to your profile, or you have a conversion profits problem, meaning that you don't convert enough profile visits into folwers. So if you want to grow more, then you need to go back to this simple formula traffic and conversions. Afterwards. For example, my conversion rate is above thirty five to fifty percent. So let's say tenzero...

...profile visits. I get around Fivezero net fowards. So that's around fifty percent conversion right. And the power of conversion rates is visualize quite easily. Imagine that you have onezero profile visits per week, which is quite average. From those Onezero profile visits, would you prefer fifty five hundred for words, or would you prefer one hundred and fours? And that's per week. When you multiplied this by fifty two weeks, so the weeks in one year, you see them big difference in the numbers that you're going to be getting. That's a small way of looking at it. So numbers first, you can't do anything with the knowing you're not and then after you reach a conclusion, if you have a traffic problem or a conversion problem, then it's quite easy. You need to either generate more traffic or find the way to optimize for conversions. Generating more traffic might mean improving your content. It might mean spending more time being social and social media. It might mean optimizing your post for export... has tack pages. It might mean even optimizing them for the new search teature which is coming to Instagram, or creating different form types of content which are trending right now, like ourselves. Reuse you. It might mean collaborating. So there are a lot of different ways to generate now traffic, but you need to first identify if you have a traffic or a conversion problem and afterwards, for the profile optimization, you need to show empathy for your users, and this is again where psychology comes into place. You need to owe to merge the technical elements, which is, is that the driven and the human elements, because at the end of the day, every single social media platform has an algorithm, but the truth is that these algorithms aren't important at all, because the goal of the Algorithm is actually to change the user,...

...because the user is constantly changing his preference, his behavior on the platform. So the Algorithm's job is actually to catch up to the user, and most craters are stuck in the whoop of catching up to the algorithm, meaning that they always stay one step behind. That's why, in my approach to social media, I try to combine both. I try to understand the algorithm and what he's seeking, but I also try to show empathy for the end user, and that way I'm not constantly chasing the algorithm, which is constantly changing, a chasing users. I'm going directly for the users and I'm going directly for the Algorithm. All right, that's it for today. I hope you got some value out of marketing Harry's lessons on Instagram and social media. Remember any business questions you might have. Don't worry, I got you. This has been another ten minute MBA. Have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow. I.

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